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Don’t know how to spend your weekend evening? We will help you! We have collected popular online games in one directory. Here you will find races, fights, coloring pages, adventures, quests, dress up and more.

Modern mini games are bright and colorful because of HTML5 technologies. Download speed is high and screen size is adapted for PC, Android and iOS.

GameFresher Advantages

  • Games don’t need to be downloaded. Play directly in your browser
  • The rules are simple, even a child can figure it out
  • It takes from 30 minutes to 5 hours to complete levels. You won’t get attached. You are able even play at work
  • System requirements for downloading are low. Old computer or regular phone is enough
  • Any entertainment is available for free and without registration
  • For Boys

    The main game objective is in education of male qualities, will to win and perseverance. Here you can find such entertainments as zombie attacks, off-road and city car races, military strategies, historical shooting games and castle defense.

    Sports enthusiasts can join football, basketball, hockey, boxing or wrestling competitions. You can also go on expeditions around the planet or into space and colonize other galaxies.

    For Girls

    This is one of the largest entertainment categories. It has everything from mom simulators to beauty salon makeup. For example, you become a restaurant owner in Denver and take charge of business. Place tables in the hall, prepare food, issue orders to customers.

    You can pick up a look for Disney princesses somewhere in Los Angeles. But don’t forget what important events these ladies are at. Outfits should be of the best quality and in the latest fashion.

    Girls will definitely appreciate genres:

  • Hairstyles. You need to become the personal stylist of a star. Come up with a modern outlook and make it reality.
  • Coloring pages. Having received a blank sheet of paper with colorless characters, color it in. Take brush and palette to do this.
  • Animal care. There are many pets and they are different. Cats and dogs require one approach and a completely different approach to aquarium fish. There are missions where it is enough to wash animals. Sometimes you turn into a doctor and treat sick pets for wounds and colds.
  • This site also has games girls and boys will like at same time. For example Marvel superheroes adventures, Lego constructors and popular cartoon and TV series characters.