Among Us Games

Among Us became the most loaded in 2020, in spite it was released in 2018 for the first time. And this thing was rewarded with several international awards such as Golden Joystick Awards and The Game Awards 2020. It was inspired by Mafia, Werewolf and The Thing movie.

If you decide to choose something popular to play for all of your family who involved, it is of course such an activity. It is so entertaining, brain-relaxing and can be played remotely through online Internet service or local Wi-Fi modulation. You simply need only your cellphone or PC platform for that.

It should be said that Among Us is totally free if you use your mobile devise, but there is a block of ads. You may switch ads off making a payment. Besides, the PC version is also paid.

The Plot

The number of participants varies from 4 to 10 players. However, beware there is a traitor among your fellows. All ordinary astronauts, excepting the betrayer, try to care of their spaceship or space base, maintaining and fixing them up. While the last one wants to kill the others and prevent them from returning home to the Earth. This character in every way interferes the crew with fulfilling of their duties.

At last the cosmonauts start discussing and choosing who the impostor is. And if the real traitor is detected by the majority voting, the fair part of the members won. But if the secret invader kills all the others, they lost. They also lost if the equal quantity of the crew members and impostors is left. Good news is that if you are killed, you will be able to play as a ghost.

Evidently, the design of the game is rather plain, but there is a number of mini-quests inserted into the plot, and the spooky music helps maintain the appropriate mood as well.

Useful Advice

To be good at Among Us, whatever you are a crew mate or an impostor, you should study all the maps and tasks first of all. It will surely help you to win. And some users say that sometimes it is even more interesting to act as a traitor alien. It can be also noticed that this pastime is a kind of strategy that helps to develop observation and logical thinking. It assists to calculate your actions and doings of other characters in advance, to recognize a lie.

As far as players can be from all over the different parts of the world, it may be possible said that this frolic contributes to the development of communication skills and the expansion of the friends’ circle.
You may judge the success of the game by the fact that art and memes are widely created and used on the basis of its characters.

Despite the fact that the release of Among Us-2 was postponed, some previous parameters were improved. And developers are still continuing to work on modifications of the maps, accounts, statistics, moderation and other indicators of the entertainment so much loved by many people.