Baldi’s Basics Classic

Game Description

Welcome to Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning schoolhouse! Very well, you came for extra knowledge in an extracurricular time? Your lovely math teacher is ready to give you a couple of simple equations!

In fact, you’re here just to take notebooks for your friend. And you have no desire to learn math right now, but you can’t argue with your teacher. THIS teacher in particular.

Because when students calculate wrong, he gets really, really mad. He comes up with his ruler and slaps them bitterly until they respawn. What a relief you’re strong in arithmetics!

What a pity that you stumble upon a rule you’ve never seen before. And here it comes, the first screamer… No time for that! Speedrun every classroom for your friend’s cursed notebooks and avoid the teacher, so your mother still recognizes you! Everyone knows that you can’t run in school corridors, but everything’s allowed until you’re caught.

Life would be much easier if no one stood in your way. No, it’s not playtime, little girl! Could you move away, Mister Bully? Of course broom Gotta Swap, but the floor’s already clean! In total, eight characters fail to understand the delicacy of your situation.

This story has several scary spin-offs. Try Camp if you love open-air school trips, Birthday to piss your teacher off on the most important day, and Baldi’s Basics Classic if you’d like to freak out on the smartphone.

Maybe you should tell your friend to change schools. Anyway, you won’t return here again!.. Alright, only to earn scores in an endless mode.