Brawl Stars Games

Brawl stars is a kind of shareware action games from the company Supercell, created Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach games as well. By now the number of Brawl Stars loading achieved more than 100 million times, and it is still growing. According to this fact we may come to the conclusion of the bright success of the project.

Little Bit of History

And that is why it is not surprising that the creators have earned much more than one billion dollars since they released this pastime in 2018. The amusement became very popular and most loaded in Russia as to the list of 2020. But still, the most profit was gained from Chinese, American and South Korean users.

Brawl Stars is being consonantly refined and upgraded. Thus, the Pass with several seasons included, had been also issued by 2020. And yet, there are a few flaws: to reform the system you should pay much, in some positions there are complications to operate your joystick, or there are impossibilities to change names in some cases, and others. All those lacks are promised to be easily mended as soon as possible to the great delight of loyal consumers.

What We Will Do Here?

The general idea of the activity is to move along the trophy path, fight in battles, discover and improve new individuals with some bright distinctives and characteristics. You may play alone or in a team of two-three (or more) people, and you should defeat the contrary team.

It is more helpful to unite with others if you are going to win. Of course, a lot depends on your health indicator, the power of the celestial bodies and specific gadgets that can be found in boxes or simply bought in the store.

The game consists of some universal modes, they are: Gem Grab, Showdown, Brawlball, Bounty, Siege, Hot Zone and Heist. For example, in Gem Grab you will have to pick up ten crystals that specified on the map, and they can be chucked away when the personage dies. If you play Heist, you must destroy the enemy’s safe, and do not forget to protect your own safe at the same time. In Bounty you will receive as many asteroids as you are able to, while killing your rivals.

Besides, there are four extra systems that you are allowed to open and play only at weekend.
It is possible for you to choose the appropriate way and call in as many mates of yours to participate as you like, until the authorized maximum number. Moreover, it is feasibly to change the animation, sounds and appearance of the brawlers, obtaining or unfastening skin or gem elements.

No doubt, musical and graphic effects are so pleasant for the perception, and the attractive plot is very dynamical. The characters controlling is undemanding.

At least 9-year-old children and above may easily and mind-safely use this entertainment, as there are not so many violence scenes in it. And a lot of parent-respondents prove that fact.