Fall Guys Season 3 Winter Knockout

Game Description

Fall Guys 3 Winter Knockout is the final release for the game in 2020. What new features may we wait from it?

First of all, levels with new obstacles inspired by climate changes of the cold season appeared. It is not so easy to deal with snowy tricks, messy punching gloves, crazy flippers during Tundra Run. Big rolling snowballs and spinning fans are in your way in Freezy Peak.

There is a team work of making the biggest snowball in Snowy Scrap, grabbing and keeping a small penguin in Pegwin Pursuit. Will you try running on thin ice or surviving against rage snowballs in the final rounds? Then the prize is yours.

You may choose a number of cool costumes among polar bears, seals, penguins and many others.
Now the available crowns assist you more much in getting the victory. Don’t miss the indicator pointing you to new shows. The in-game messenger corrects your misspellings. And the PS4 camera is freer in use.

Then, some annoying bugs like crazy platform in Royal Fumble, quivering and not moving balls, the Score and Elimination on some levels were fixed up. Enjoy added maps and rewards in Fall Guys Season 3 Winter Knockout! You definitely will not freeze in it!