Friday Night Funkin Games

As a rule, hot girlfriends have brutal fathers keeping an eye on their guys. And you have (bad) luck to date the prettiest girl in Friday Night Funkin’! When the kiss was so close, her Daddy appeared out of nowhere, and his red-bull eyes promised you no good…

He is a former band rockstar, and you’re a young street rapper. Well, at least both of you do music! And so Daddy accepted your suggestion to shift the game’s alignment to a more peaceful song battle. But don’t relax because your relationships now depend on your mic.

All you need are arrow keys. Play them in the exact sequence they appear on the screen. Sometimes, you will reflect notes of your opponent, and other times, you will lead your original part.

Your dual efforts result in an interesting sort of synthetic game track, which is weird but lovely to hear. Try not to screw it with mistaps!

Each enemy has a unique rhythm and prepares different songs for the round. Wait, are there more than one? Sure! In total, you will pass through seven weeks-matches with different singers, ranging from human-like to vegetable-like ones. Each week is divided into three games of growing difficulty. When your enemy is completely exhausted, a new one replaces it on short notice with no gap to take a breath.

That’s not to mention countless fan mods adding new characters to the scene! If you spot the right place, you will find Friday Night Funkin’ games with Sonic, Hatsune, Mario, or Undertale assets and soundtracks.

Firstly, try the game in Normal mode. Though you may be prejudicial for the arcade, Hard mode will hack your brain with impossible combinations galloping before your sight. Three contrasting difficulties will satisfy both idlers and challengers.

No words can express the spirit of this game. Try it yourself!