Friday Night Funkin Week 4

Game Description

The fourth week introduces us to the Mommy Mearest! Unlike Daddy, she’s a pop star, and she looks determined to put you in the place!

The game takes place at sunset. Mother arranged your meeting in quite a peculiar location: you must balance on the roof of a long limousine dashing at devil speed. On the nearest car, demonic Henchmen dance synchronically to Mommy’s beat. In general, the picture reminds of iconic pop clips.

Red demons swing to three songs: soft Satin Panties, heavenly High, and insane M.I.L.F where they ought to accelerate. During this week, you’ll pay respect to Daddy as the sweetest person.

It’s possible, though maybe not on the first try. Mommy has the experience, but you’ve already dealt with four professional singers! Make your Girlfriend proud of your rap skills.