Gacha Life Games

Sometimes all of us become tired from our everyday routine. At that time most of us dive into the world of computer games. Gacha Life Games are the best choice if you want some rest. It is a very colorful and interesting game, where you are able to choose your hero and change it as you like. Also, all fans of anime will adore this project very much too. So, what is special in Gacha Life?

Invent your own character

Firstly, you need to fashion your own hero. All details in its appearance can be changed to your mind tallness, posture, hair color and style, even the size of the head. When you are ready it is time for dressing up! Look at the many and the great choice of accessories and dresses will surprise you! From wings of the angel to animal ears and cattails choose the outfits you want. Make your character looks like a human or a magic creation. Every player has the ability to look unique and stylish. It is a social game and you won’t be alone and certainly find new mates.

Mini games and making videos

There are a great number of funny and colorful mini plays and different competitions. Every day you can take part in special activities and earn coins for opening new dressing. But the most interesting function is making your own film! Be creative and shoot funny mini-movie. Choose the actors and a cast scene, put lightning. Find out an interesting plot or even wright short dialogs and share your film with everyone. Shoot with your friend and then post clips in social media. Lots of memes were invented here, in the Studio. Try yourself as a producer and a performer and amaze your friends.

All in all, you will never get bored while joining this amazing and cartoonish game. Test this amazing anime world and you will be in shock with different abilities here!