GTA Games

Grand Theft Auto is a well-known game produced by the group of Rock Star companies. But it is not a solo entertaining, it is a series of adventures consisting of eleven games at the moment. The most known of them, for sure, are San Andreas and Vice City. It is possible to play it on a PC or PS platforms, and the last issues are available for sensor devises as well.

All events are proceeding in some fictional cities in the USA, the maps of which are a kind of prototypes of New-York, Miami and the rest, and very realistic. But some districts are open not from the very beginning, they become accessible only some time later.

The Main Idea

The main character in each season is usually a criminal of the low range, who must fulfill different tasks and raise his authority: to theft a car, to rob a bank or a shop, to kill a rival and many others. There is a car-driving simulator inserted, and you may try to win the racing.

Between the general missions you can optionally earn your cash working as a taxi or ambulance-driver, fireman, policeman, delivery-guy and pimp. You also get your benefit finding Easter eggs. Besides, you are able to enter various buildings and accomplish the duties there. The head protagonist may dive, fly an aircraft or operate a yacht as well.

Endless Possibilities

The virtual world of GTA is so nice and tangible, that it seems you could live there. Surrounding landscapes are definitely picturesque. While walking outside you hit on vehicles and other people, that amble and talk. If you like, you are capable of listening a radio station with your favorite music or broadcasts, buy and change your clothes, guns, visit bars, cafes, restaurants, barber’s, beaches and do other things you are used to.

In a few last versions there is a possibility to watch TV programs and use a mobile phone. You are allowed not only purchasing your weapon but modifying that. If some power structures (police, FIB- similar with FBI or army) start chasing the chief person, the stars are lit on the radar. The more difficult level of the pursuit, the more stars are there.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of fauna representatives arise in the act V, they are this and that cats, dogs, fish, lions, birds, cows and so on.

At the very end, having passed through all the levels, the personage became a revenger-triumphant and defeat all his offenders and enemies, no doubt.

Initially the first games were only with subtitles, after they were voiced over. The graphic and art design became more improved, multiplayer mode appeared, some bugs were fixed, and online categories occurred. Also, the quantity of new ammunition and weapon was added. The work on the plaything is continuing.

We can say it bravely, that GTA is one of the most popular action-adventure amusement in the world among all age categories!