Hello Neighbor Games

If you’ve come here for a simple one-minute horror, you’re in the wrong place. You will remember this game forever. Because Hello Neighbor is a captivating cinematic tale spiced up with screamers and the thrill of the chase.

Nicky was waddling home bored when someone shrilled in the neighbor’s house. Peeking through the window, he saw angry Theodore Peterson holding up the banging basement door. Stunned, he didn’t notice that Mr. Peterson spotted him and rushed to the window in panic. Then blackout, and the game begins.

Now two characters suspect each other. Nicky has linked the recent event to the two kids’ vanishment. As the only witness of the terrible story, he has no choice but to free those victims. On the contrary, Theodore wants to keep his game in the darkness. And he will fall for everything to stop you.

Sneak into the paranoiac house of myriad locked doors. Several pathways are leading to the upper room with the key, and the shortest in the game takes about 10 minutes of time. But listen to the neighbor’s footsteps: he memorizes the ways you play and enhances supervision on the spots. Besides, running to a triggering pursuit track and getting a screamer finale is distress you want to avoid.

Your mission is impossible even for the game. The kid breaks into the maniac’s house, striving to seal himself in the unblocked basement without any plan or weapon. At such a rate, Nicky’s not far from enrolling in the list for kids missing.

Despite the univocal attitude to Theodore, the series of Hello Neighbor games will make you hold back your judgment. How painful must the secrets be to put the whole house on lock? On the other hand, psychopathic attacks can’t pass by the delicate infant mind unnoticed. Will Nicky ever heal from his nightmares?