Horror Games

Horror is the world-spread genre that attracts people, helping them to release adrenaline, materialize their kids’ fears and sometimes even frighten themselves. That’s why horror games are no less popular than other categories of video amusements. A great number of them is developed and produced on the basis of well-known literature and movie masterpieces: Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, Dead Space, Silent Hill, Alien and others.

Such playthings with frightful elements first originated in early ’80s, but they were primitive and sometimes simply funny. Nowadays everything has changed, as the IT-industry is evolving and does not keep a single location. A huge amount of scary characters and the scenes, which can provoke your cold sweat covering, appeared.

Main missions:

The general idea of spooky games is to survive in some difficult situations. They are based on the time limitation, when you act in the darkness, have a low energy level or a shortage of facilities and equipment. In the circumstances it became almost impossible to control the state of affairs properly.

You have to fight with you enemies or hide from them, shoot, find something, construct various structures, get objects and overcome obstacles. Usually a lot of mini-tasks are inserted in one thing. Solving them, you come from one level to another.

The frolic arrangement is not so complicated may be, but the creepy atmosphere is everything. The latter is achieved with a content plot itself, all of a sudden emerging, specific musical and visual effects. Your opponents are often crazy maniacs or ugly monsters. They are in out of your eye view localities, and it is not easy to reach them and neutralize.

Short descriptions of feasible scenes:

It is obliged to ascertain that the quantity of horror games is great, and some of them were awarded in a variety of nominations.

Without naming, let’s look inside a pastime. It can be involved in the haps, processing on a closed space base, where you must remain alive despite the presence of an enormous, insidious creature.

Then, it may be the situation when during daytime you walk around freely, collecting the resources you need grandiosely for the dark time, then only you can feel all the delights of the night terror.

Or you perform as a diseased person, who brawls zombies and mad people in the ambiance of distressing hopelessness. And else, it is going to be a kind of shooter. You must engage every available weapon in it to kill uncountable hordes of demons, spiders and weird bears.

Another case, where all events happen on an underwater research station, and the protagonist tries to solve the mystery of his life. And much more thrilling and exciting states. We should say, it is absolutely magnetic category for both developers and end users!