Kick the Buddy Games

Kick the Buddy was launched by Crustalli, the American company, in autumn of 2011. It was represented among alike relaxing arcade and simulative action games.


To relieve a stressful situation you should beat, explode, fire, shoot, cut, punt and do other similar things to a poor rag-doll through a limit number of weaponry and objects. They may be rifles, bombs, rockets, grenades and other things. Everything depends on your imagination and opportunities.

The access to the certain sort of armories is payable. Firstly, you find the moppet in a cardboard box, after it becomes possible to change the environmental scenes. The plot of the entertaining has been built with using of some waggish situations. That is why you should not take it too seriously.

But because of the comical attitude to the personage torture, you should prevent from playing this game by small kids under 15 years old. Some parents may be shocked by the subject of Kick the Buddy and even not allow their children to use it until the last ones are 18 years old.

If you are mature enough and bored, you may play bravely. This game can help you to relax. It is feasible to entertain yourself as long session as you like. Even if the doll dies, albeit it is not so simple to exterminate it, in a second the dummy is alive again and ready for the further adventure.

What is Waiting for You?

The whole process is supplied with relevant sounds and comments of the main character itself. By the way, it is possible to install a face of the doll from the photo storage. Gamers score their points, which are kept in the profile information. And the settings are changeable as well.

You are able to load and develop the action on your PC or mobile platform. Although a lot of users enjoy playing Kick the Buddy highly, they noticed that there is too much annoying ads in it. Creators should pay their kind attention on those and other complains, of course.

However, in new versions of the amusement several bugs were fixed, graphics and functionality were also improved. Therefore, feedback from the consumers is very important for the pastime makers.

To understand whether this is for you or not, choose the trial version for the beginning. After the test period you will decide to get a paid variety or unsubscribe it.

n some reviews there is an opinion that this action is for abnormal people with psyche dysfunctions only. Well, do you think that cruelty in a real life is much better than just to get rid of anger in such a fun way? In modern Japan, for instance, there are special attractions where people, who need, can vent their rage on real objects or mannequins for certain payment or even free. They set this facility more so in offices.

So, have a fun with your favorite, lovable activity! And beware, the worst enemy! We are prepared to calm down our nerves system!