Poppy Playtime: Huggy Wuggy

Game Description

Poppy Playtime – place, where you will be speechless with fear. If you are a lover of nighttime horror movies, then this game is especially for you. A huge number of screamers, an eerie atmosphere and excellent realistic graphics.

The action takes place in an abandoned toy factory. Several years ago, for mysterious reasons, all employees suddenly disappeared. Only one worker remained in the survivors. This happened for the reason that on the day of the tragedy he did not show up for work. Your goal is to stay alive and find out what really happened ten years ago.

What awaits you inside the building?

The atmosphere in an empty building is filled with horror. On your way, you will constantly come across scary toys with frozen facial expressions on their faces, small, thin arms and legs, and some of them can talk. You have to prepare that they will all try to kill you. Learn about the twenty-foot doll and why did it have to come to life? And also find out where all the workers have gone! What if they are still waiting for help?

You will need to explore the entire building and solve all the puzzles. But be careful! Don’t get caught by toys!

Poppy Playtime invites you to uncover all the secrets of the disaster.