Scary Teacher 3D Games

Looks like crazy Miss T isn’t aware that tortures over kids are prohibited! She doesn’t even bother about lessons and just shouts at students, kicking them with her wooden pointer.

And one beautiful day brings you good news: the school madwoman now lives in the house across the road! Not that you’re glad to see her, but it gives you a chance to color up her daily routine.

Scary Teacher 3D reminds of much older Neighbors from Hell but in the 1st person view. You sneak into the large neighbor’s house and invent funny tricks to piss her off. All chapters of the game tell about some event happening in the life of Miss T: romantic date, birthday, Halloween, Christmas… But what is a party without a good prank?

You have fifteen rooms to show what your creativity is worth. Each game level hints at the final result, but it’s your duty to find items and combine them. Don’t make haste, you can hang around the instructor’s house all day. Panicking, you’ll blunder into the bear trap in the dim corridor and become easy prey for her or the shepherd.

You can’t carelessly lose because it takes several hours to restore your life for future games. Alternatives are buying it or finding an unlocked version with an unlimited energy bar.

The game inventory is limited to four things to carry at once. You can free the space by mixing items or using disposable keys on locked doors. The live camera at the upper left corner shows you the current position of Miss T. If you’re risky, you have an option to disable it.

Scary Teacher 3D games still actively develop. You can find fan modes with new locations, skins, and objectives or complete original daily challenges. If the game seems too easy, turn the timer mode on and speedrun the house!

Play it to release steam after a bad class. Unfortunately for the instructor, your memory is excellent!